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Does the deliveryman taste your food? Study reveals 'disgusting secret'

Does the deliveryman taste your food? Study reveals 'disgusting secret'

Have you ever doubted that someone took a look at your meal that you asked to bring to your home or workplace, and maybe even tasted it?

Here's the shocking U.S. study, in which more than 25 percent of food delivery workers admitted to tasting customers' food before they arrived.

The us food survey, highlighted by Newsweek, revealed that 54 percent of delivery workers are fascinated by the smell of the food they carry, while about 28 percent of workers taste food.

"We regret to announce such an order ... delivery workers break the rules and take part of the food," the foundation said in a statement.

In contrast, 60 percent of delivery workers complained that they received too little or no tip, while 40 percent said customers' instructions were unclear.

On the other hand, 84 percent of customers said they "don't mind" the driver getting a few of the french fries he delivers to them.

The food transport industry is experiencing a major global boom, with delivery companies transporting multi-billion dollar worth of meals each year.


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