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The first world champion in Fortnight. And his prize is $3 million.

The first world champion in Fortnight. And his prize is $3 million

American Kyle Gersdorf, nicknamed "Boga", became the world's first solo champion in The Fortnight on Sunday night.

The 16-year-old American boy won a $3 million prize, according to AFP.

"It's incredible," said the young man from Pennsylvania, who scored twice as many points as his nearest rivals (59 vs. 33 points).

Gedersdorf started the win since the first game of the six-game "Fortnight" competition.

The game is based on being on an island with other players to win the person who holds to the end, and as the game progresses the available space narrows, which accelerates the deduction.

On the island, players can obtain weapons and building materials that will allow them to build facilities to protect against attacks by opponents.

Boga showed a great sense of positioning, a knack for construction and a knack for near-battle battles during the final with a cold nerve and full equipment.

His close friend Colin Bradley said after the final "He is one of the smartest players. He knows when to attack and when to refrain from it is very good at strategy.""

The main solo competition concluded the first World Cup in the game "Fortnight" designed by the American company "Ibek Games", which within three days presented prizes worth $30 million.

On Saturday, Norway's Emile Bergquist and his Austrian teammate Thomas Arnold became the first duo to be crowned world champion in the game of "Fortnight". They shared a prize of $3 million.


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