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Markets around the world_Women's Marriage Market in Bulgaria

Markets around the world_Women's Marriage Market in Bulgaria

Ahasij, Zagharid and Joe are full of love mixed with anticipation and brides in their entire tyrannical style, but in the absence of the grooms who sequestered them in the Gypsy WOMEN MARKET in Bulgaria, and in the Roma community, young girls are forced to drop out of school as soon as they reach puberty. For the purpose of marriage.
The puppet market is held four times a year, with a large number of young girls coming to the squares and parking lots across the country wearing fancy dresses to be selected by potential couples, and this festival, which is attended by about 2,000 people at a time. 

Despite the proliferation of social media sites and their effective impact within communities, this method remains the basis for young people to meet before the start of ponies negotiations between families, and the strong Roma community of 18,000 people across Eastern Europe is renowned for its desperate defence and protection. for its cultural traditions.
Although some girls are liberated, most want an ideal marriage, as well as the need to support their families, and with these girls dissatisfied with these practices, under the traditions of the Roma community, they cannot do anything about these customs. The dowry usually ranges from $3,000 to $6.6,000 for a young bride, but has declined significantly recently as a result of Bulgaria's difficult economic circumstances. 
Since the process of marrying women is similar to sales deals, i found great disdain, especially since it is in a European country and in the 21st century, which makes a person feel as if what is happening in the Middle Ages and not in a civilized society, but some believe that the market is not really a commercial market, and there are alternative ways to get to know each other Young people despite the geographical spacing of the regions.
Although the old market has been transformed by technology and economic contraction, it is still the main way for families to offer their daughters marriages within a country where they are subjected to economic and social discrimination.
The idea of the market is to give young people the opportunity to get to know each other, where the girl has the right to reject the proposed groom, but as for the man, he does not ask the girl what she thinks but asks his family to ask her family, and then begin negotiations on the price, and if the young man loves the girl and she was not interested in him, she can tell wall She has it. 
There are many forced marriages within low-income families, or those with poor conditions, but it is difficult to generalize to the entire group with different views.
Bedouin families in the Bulgarian city of Stara Zakura gather four times a year, on various religious holidays in the spring and summer, where young people dance with girls on that occasion.


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